2016 6th Annual Eastern SUP Surfing Circuit presented by:




ESSC stands for “Eastern SUP Surf Circuit”. We are proud to be hosting our 6th Annual SUP Surf Circuit and are stoked to invite you to be a part of it.

Welcome to the home of elite SUP surfing, eastern seaboard style. The ESSC is the premier competitive circuit on the East Coast and we are in our 6th year to crown the top SUP surfers in this region! Our series of events are professionally judged by an experienced panel of ASP judges who actively run performance SUP surfing events for men, women and groms in respective divisions. The ESSC runs an accumulated point system that builds throughout the season depending on your results and ultimately reveals the top stand up surfers in a very fun but competitive fashion.

I will always be a part of the ESSC no matter where I am at in life. It’s where it all begin for me. I will surf every ESSC contest til the day I die.

Nick Ventreseca - Juno Beach SUP Surfer


The 2016 ESSC series will be taking place in 3 of the best surfing cities on the east coast of FL. These are 3 dates you'll want to make sure are blocked off in your calendar!


Jensen Beach.


Saint Augustine.


Melbourne Beach.


We had an unbelievable season in 2015 which came down to the final 2 minutes and a paddle battle between brothers in the final to determine the grand prize! Below are a breakdown of the results for each category for 2015.

Mens Open

1. Jonathon Gossman 23000
2. Hans Wagner 22500
3. Kieran Grant 18500

Womens Open

1. Olivia Pippio 11250
2. Heather Wilcox 11000
3. Sierra Groth 9500

Masters Mens

1. Mike McGann 14250
2. Steve Miller 11000
3. Todd Waskuch 10000

Classic SUP Toes 2 Nose

1. Hans Wagner 11250
2. Fisher Grant 8000
3. Kieran Grant 7500


1. Noah Barger 3000
2. James McGrath 2750
3. Jacob oliver 2500


The ESSC is rooted in so much more than just a contest series. We exist with a purpose of making a global impact through the help of all involved

The goal and purpose of the ESSC since the very beginning has been to promote competitive SUP surfing and provide an exciting environment for the riders of this booming sport to compete. Alongside that we are stoked to be working with The Ride Nature Organization as the beneficiary of the ESSC as we are working to provide awareness and financial support to the work that they are doing. Ride Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian organization based out of Naples, FL that is working to provide children worldwide the opportunities to surf and skate. While they are leading international trips all year long to the Truth and bring boards to kids living in 3rd world countries we want to encourage you to check out their site and support the work that they are doing! For more information about The Ride Nature Organization, to make a contribution to their organization, or to get involved visit



As we are working to continue growing the Eastern SUP Surf Circuit, we are looking for additional sponsors and partners to come alongside this series and join our efforts in the support of this momentum. This level of competition cannot operate without your financial contribution. We have has an unbelievable response from our supporters and sponsors in the past and look forward to continue growing this list of companies involved with this series.

Download our “2016 Sponsorship Packet”

If you have any additional questions please call or email us for details. Also note that all financial sponsorship levels are 100% deductible and each sponsor will receive a 501(c)3 statement of giving to be used for a tax deduction at the end of the year.


Are you interested in getting involved, volunteering, or becoming a sponsor of the 2016 ESSC?

Email us today for more information.